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2020-12-08add reference to bionix paper and repowehi-talkJustin Bedo
2020-12-07first draftJustin Bedo
2020-12-03wehi announcementJustin Bedo
2020-11-10final editsbiocommons-talkJustin Bedo
2020-11-10editsJustin Bedo
2020-11-10bwa formattingJustin Bedo
2020-11-10drop container slideJustin Bedo
2020-11-10add intro to workflow slideJustin Bedo
2020-11-09editsJustin Bedo
2020-11-09patch author and title metadataJustin Bedo
2020-11-09logo and cluster override exampleJustin Bedo
2020-11-09logo plus editingJustin Bedo
2020-11-08add tree organisationJustin Bedo
2020-11-08draft HPC slideJustin Bedo
2020-11-05real-world + acksJustin Bedo
2020-11-05add slide on bionixJustin Bedo
2020-11-04port example from paperJustin Bedo
2020-11-04containers don't solve reproducibilityJustin Bedo
2020-11-04demo + graphJustin Bedo
2020-11-04contributions slideJustin Bedo
2020-11-04add core problems slideJustin Bedo
2020-11-03draft example DAGJustin Bedo
2020-11-02draft workflow dagJustin Bedo
2020-11-02initJustin Bedo