9son.gitJSON parser for Plan 93 years
LinProg.gitHaskell library with EDSL for linear programming3 years
bionix-wehi-workshop.gitMaterial for WEHI BioNix workshop21 months
bionix.gitFunctional, highly-reproducible bioinformatics pipelines7 weeks
clinvar.gitClinvar FZF based TUI3 years
codapca.gitPCA for compositional data4 weeks
dedumi.gitUMI deduplication for paired end sequencing2 months
flickrfs.gitFlicker 9P file server - deprecated: here for historical interest3 years
forth.gitForth implementation in assembly3 years
genodict.gitCompiles genomes to a dictionary representation and computes similarity between ...3 years
latexfmt.gitLaTeX formatter4 months
linalg.gitA very simple linear algebra library for plan 9.3 years
mavedb-scraper.gitScrapes MaveDB and merges assays into a SQLite database20 months
phylogenies.gitSubclonal phylogeny inference18 months
pmt.gitPoisson Margin Test implementation in R3 years
ppl.gitLazy probabilistic programming language reimplementation17 months
wehi-bioinformatics-talk-2022.gitTalk I gave in the Bioinformatics division seminar series at WEHI.19 months
xenomapper-hs.gitFilter primary alignments by a secondary alignment (for e.g., xenografts)3 years