AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-19quip: fix storing matesHEADmasterJustin Bedo
2022-05-18quip: wrap in exec contextJustin Bedo
2022-05-16quip: initJustin Bedo
2022-05-16HATCHet: 0.4.9 -> 0.4.14Justin Bedo
2022-03-09octopus: strip ARGV line to prevent huge closuresJustin Bedo
2022-02-28remove lumpy from testingJustin Bedo
2022-02-21linkOutputs: ignore null valuesJustin Bedo
2022-02-09whisper: RG line supportJustin Bedo
2022-02-09whisper: fix sorting for sam outputJustin Bedo
2022-02-09don't strip store paths from bamsJustin Bedo
2022-02-08gridss: 2.13.1 -> 2.13.2Justin Bedo
2022-02-07pizzly: initJustin Bedo
2022-02-07hatchet: initJustin Bedo
2022-01-25add tabix indexingJustin Bedo
2022-01-25add bgz support and fix nested compression supportJustin Bedo
2022-01-21linkOutputs: rewrite to use script instead of environment variableJustin Bedo
2022-01-17snpeff.dbnsfp: paramterise fieldsJustin Bedo
2022-01-17octopus: allow targets to be derivationsJustin Bedo
2022-01-12gridss.filterSomatic: missing fileJustin Bedo
2022-01-12gridss: add somatic variant filteringJustin Bedo
2022-01-06strip-store-paths: allow no filesJustin Bedo
2022-01-06xenomapper: update location of packageJustin Bedo
2022-01-06strip: rollback simplificationJustin Bedo
2022-01-05gridss: 2.13.0 -> 2.13.1Justin Bedo
2022-01-05fix bug in strip-store-pathsJustin Bedo
2022-01-04samtools-flagstat: fix nameJustin Bedo
2022-01-01update to zig 0.9.0Justin Bedo
2022-01-01update copyright yearJustin Bedo
2021-12-20rewrite strip store pathsJustin Bedo
2021-12-20facets.callCNV: refactor interfaceJustin Bedo
2021-12-18update dbNSFP hashesJustin Bedo
2021-12-14tests: test RG line functionalityJustin Bedo
2021-12-14subread: initJustin Bedo
2021-12-06parameterise RG line as nix attribute setJustin Bedo
2021-12-06gridss: 2.12.2 -> 2.13.0Justin Bedo
2021-12-03genmap: initJustin Bedo
2021-11-25update readme link to tazjin's guideJustin Bedo
2021-11-25Fix typo in example READMEJustin Bedo
2021-11-23update contact information in READMEJustin Bedo
2021-11-03update ex-tnpair cluster exampleJustin Bedo
2021-10-29treewide reformatting and simplificationJustin Bedo
2021-10-29octopus: write region lists to region filesJustin Bedo
2021-10-14gridss: 2.12.0 -> 2.12.2Justin Bedo
2021-10-14Revert "gridss: 2.12.0 -> 2.12.1"Justin Bedo
2021-10-08Update READMEJustin Bedo
2021-09-21gridss: specify cores for all multithreaded phasesJustin Bedo
2021-09-16gridss: 2.12.0 -> 2.12.1Justin Bedo
2021-08-25fastp: use nixpkgs versionJustin Bedo
2021-08-02gridss: drop softclip to split read conversionJustin Bedo
2021-07-28bugfix: use unsorted type for alignment outputJustin Bedo